• Babysitting
    • Date Nights
    • Mondays through Saturdays, day or night!
  • Nannying (Tallahassee only)
    • discounted rate for 35+ hours/week
    • live-out only; two part-time nannies will share one full-time schedule
    • $300 non-refundable deposit required, applied toward first week of care
    • based on availability, two or three months' notice suggested
  • "Mother's helper"
    • Let a sitter help out with the kids while you're at home.
    • Have a sitter join you and the kids on errands!
  • Seminole Sitters "To Go"!
    • We get the kids out of the house and you get the house to yourself!
  • Group / event childcare
    • staffing only (2+ sitters at $18/hour per sitter)
    • churches (excluding Sundays), weddings, meetings
  • Homework help
  • Overnight babysitting
  • Out-of-town / vacation babysitting
  • Special request? Just ask!

We are also the only insured and the only award-winning babysitters and nannies in Tallahassee, now also serving Clearwater / St. Pete!

You will never need to worry about "nanny taxes" - we handle our own taxes! We can also provide a letter with our Tax ID stating your childcare expenses for the year, by request; check with your accountant to see whether you can write off your childcare costs. We have also qualified with many employers' FSAs for reimbursement of childcare expenses.

Seminole Sitters does all the footwork for you! We perform interviews and background checks, so you don't need to unless you'd like to! We also stay up-to-date on CPR / First Aid. We have a large staff so if your usual sitter is unavailable, a substitute can be offered - no need to scramble to find someone else!


Our rates are $14/hour for one child and $2/hour for each additional child.

There is a flat fee added each appointment (per appointment, not per hour): $3 for Leon County and $8 outside Leon County, $4 for Clearwater / St. Pete (Pinellas County south of Hwy 580 in Dunedin) and $9 outside that service area.

We encourage families to share sitters! The kids love having their friends over to play and it makes childcare more affordable for parents. We're happy to split the bill between families and ask that if you invite a family to share a sitter with you, that that family has also signed up with us as clients prior to your sitter's arrival.

One sitter can watch up to six children or four children if there is a child under the age of 12 months present.

On some days, our rate will increase by 50%. This enables Seminole Sitters to pay babysitters time-and-a-half for these days that they spend away from their loved ones and is incentive for them to be available on days that are typically very high in demand. (The holiday rate is $21/hour for one child and $3/hour for each additional child. It applies to the full day.) The flat appointment fee remains the same. These days are:

  • New Year's Eve and New Year's Day
  • Valentine's Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day, the Wednesday preceding it, and Friday following it
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • All Florida State home football games (Tallahassee only)

Other Important Information:

We recommend at least five days' notice of your childcare needs. Regular schedules are definitely preferred, though of course we're happy to serve your occasional and one-time needs as well!

Our most requested days have been Florida State's home football games (in Tallahassee) and New Year's Eve - we cannot guarantee an available sitter on these (or really any) day, but please know we do our best to serve every family. The more notice we have of your babysitting request, the more likely we're able to serve you on high-demand days.

We are closed on Sundays each week so our full staff can rest and "reset" for the week ahead. We've found that it's made us healthier and happier as a whole - it gives us time to catch up on homework, visit family, spend time with friends, or even share a "sitter dinner" together.

Seminole Sitters is the better choice.

Seminole Sitters Independent sitters
Background checked Yes If you pay for it or if another parent recently has If you pay for it
CPR and First Aid certified Yes, including for infants and children. Depends on the sitter Depends on the sitter
Personally interviewed by a childcare expert Yes, and references are also avaialble. No, but references may be available. No, but references may be available.
Locally mananged Yes No No outside oversight or accountability
If your sitter is sick, is there someone who may be available as back up? Yes, depending on availability, but we can usually help! If you've hired more than one sitter and can call one If she has a friend or if you know someone else
Available in other Florida cities Yes, and we are also
willing to travel.
Yes Depends on the sitter