There are only two steps to enroll - then you can book a sitter!

There is no cost to enroll at this time. Please be sure to complete both steps below. We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer rather than a mobile device.

  1. Complete and submit our parent paperwork: You’ll find it here. Be sure to read and sign all four pages; then you’ll be able to submit it to us.

  2. Schedule an enrollment meeting (video chat or in-person): Request the meeting on our Parent Website. You must opt-in to receive emails so we can confirm your appointment. We won’t take much of your time; most meetings last five or ten minutes. Our goal is to understand your needs and answer any questions you have.

I’ve completed the paperwork and scheduled a meeting! Now what?

  • Keep in mind, we love notice: The closer it is to any given day, the more likely we're booked up. We can sometimes offer emergency sitting for current clients, but availability is not guaranteed. We're open every day except Sundays.

  • Have you moved since we last babysat? Adopted a child or a dog? Had a baby? Keeping us updated allows us to make sure sitters come prepared to babysit at your home, whether they need to plan their route or take allergy medicine before cuddling your new cat.

  • Make your request! Once you've followed the steps above to enroll as a client, just log in anytime to request an appointment with your favorite sitter! You can choose a recurring schedule or book a one-time appointment!