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Looking to get started? There is no cost to enroll and no obligation to use our services. Please be sure to complete ALL steps below. Many have found it is easier to navigate the links using a computer rather than on a smart phone.

  1. Keep in mind, we love notice: The closer it is to any given day, the more likely we're booked up. We can sometimes offer emergency sitting for current clients, but availability is not guaranteed. We're open every day except Sundays.
  2. Complete our enrollment paperwork: Choose your location below. You may either complete the forms online or print a PDF to complete and give to us at the enrollment meeting.
  3. Schedule a meeting to get set up: Request an Enrollment Meeting on our Parent Website. You must opt-in to receive emailed appointment confirmations, reminders, and updates.
    • We assume to meet at your home. Please include a note with your request if you'd like to meet at your workplace, coffee shop, or any other location convenient to you.
    • The purpose of the meeting is understand your needs and answer any questions you may have. There is no cost, no obligation to use our services, and no, we won't ask to inspect your home!
    • Note: We do serve families visiting from out-of-town. Please contact us first, and know that we ask out-of-town families to prepay two hours per appointment.
  4. Make your request! Once you've followed the steps above to enroll as a client, just log in anytime to request an appointment with your favorite sitter! You can choose a recurring schedule or book a one-time appointment!