Ms. Taylor A.

Birthday: February 1

Favorite Crayola Color: Teal

Background: I am currently a student at Florida State University pursuing a degree in Professional Selling and Marketing in the college of business. My freshman year of high school, my sister was born so I had the experience of helping raise her. In the past, I spent my summers being a nanny for a family of 5 with all the kids being under the age of 6. In high school, I volunteered for a club called “Best Buddies” and through this I have learned how to work with children with disabilities. I love sports, math, reading, and arts and crafts!

Future plans: After I graduate college I hope to attend graduate school and get my MBA.

When she's not babysitting: I am very involved on FSU’s campus in activities such as greek life, American marketing association, and the sales club.  If I am not participating in club activities, you can usually find me in the library studying! 

Quotes: “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think." 
  — Margaret Mead, cultural anthropologist