Ms. Melissa S.

Birthday: January 27th

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Favorite Crayola color: Aquamarine

Background: I am currently a student at Florida State University, studying Political Science and Criminology. I have two little brothers and I’ve been babysitting since they were born. I babysat for several families in my neighborhood and I was previously a part-time nanny for a six-month-old boy. I worked for a babysitting agency in Tampa for three years (averaging about 15-25 hours/week). I’m very energetic and love sports. I enjoy building strong relationships with the children I work with as well as the parents. My main goal is to make the children feel as comfortable as possible while being away from their parents. I also think it is very important for the parents of these children to feel confident that their children are in safe hands while they are with me.

Future plans: I plan to obtain my Bachelor’s degree from Florida State and then hopefully attend law school!

When she's not babysitting: When I’m not babysitting, most of the time you will find me on the softball field. I spend the majority of my free time hanging out with friends and participating in various sports.

Defining quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” - Wayne Gretzky