Ms. Makeda


Birthday: January 31

Hometown: Sunrise, FL 

Other languages: Spanish

Favorite Crayola Color: Violet

Background: I moved from Fort Lauderdale to Tallahassee to attend the great Florida State University. I have tutored and babysat children from ages 4 - 16 years old and am currently CPR & First Aid certified. I started playing piano at the age of four years old; having someone other than my parents help teach me a new skill at a very young age really helped mold me into the person I am today. I started college at 16 and graduated high school with both my AA degree and high school diploma. Education means a lot to me, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with my peers. As an only child I never had the experience of having a sibling, so I care for every child as if they were my family. My goal is to make everyone's life easier and also to be a great role model for the future generations.

She’s cared for children as young as: 1 month old

Future plans: In the next ten years I plan to be out of college with my M.D. My goal as of now is to become a forensic pathologist and hopefully incorporate my entrepreneurship side into my field. I'd also like to start a family by then and have a big fancy house for all my kids to play in.

When she's not babysitting: When I'm not babysitting I'm usually sleeping. :) I love a good nap after an arduous day of studying and working. I also enjoy watching movies and listening to music. As of now, most of my free time is spent building a club that I just recently started within FSU, so that is my new project/passion.

Defining quotation: "Never settle for less." - me