Ms. Jessie

Birthday: February 11

Hometown: Charleston, SC

Favorite Crayola color: Razzmatazz!

Background:  I am currently a graduate student at FSU pursuing a Master's in Music Therapy.  I am very passionate about children with special needs.  I had the blessing of working at a special education center and loved every minute of it.  Every child precious and they are children first, no matter what their exceptionalities may be.  I began working with children in high school with I conducted a toddler choir at my church.  It was so fun to bring music to their sweet hearts and I loved watching them grow through the years.  I also worked at an amazing summer camp in Charleston for five summers, working with children of all ages and backgrounds throughout the summer.  My favorite activity was sailing because the kids loved it so much! They would laugh and smile as we saw dolphins and sea turtles.

I have experience caring for children with special needs including autism, Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy, SLD, ASD, and ADD/ADHD.

She’s cared for children as young as: 5 months old

Future plans: After finishing my Masters degree at FSU, I hope to return to my home state of South Carolina and start a private Music Therapy practice there for children of all disabilities, behavioral difficulties, and any learning difficulty.  Music can be a very powerful tool in a child’s learning process and can help people of all ages.  Music therapy is not popular in SC, so I hope to start a practice that can bring that light to people across the state

When she’s not babysitting: I love attending concerts of all genres, whether orchestral or rock and roll, most weekends you can find me at a concert somewhere! I also love slinging up my hammock and getting lost in a good book for an entire afternoon.

Defining quote:  “Let the song I sing bring joy to You; let the words I say profess my love; let the notes I choose be Your favorite tunes. Father, let my heart be after You.”  - Needtobreathe

She was superb!
— Iain Q.