Ms. Je'Nae

Birthday: December 4th

Hometown: Miami, FL

Other languages: N/A

Favorite Crayola Color: Royal Purple

Background: I am currently a Psychology major on a pre-med track at Florida State University. I am the only child, but I do have a lot of younger cousin so I have been able to care for them since the day they were born. I started babysitting for my family friends when I was 11 years olds. From there, through word of mouth I was able to baby sit children up to the age of 14, mostly infants and toddlers, throughout middle and high school on holidays, after school and weekends. Having to watch over and take care of not only my relatives but other kids as well has made my passion for children and their well being grow stronger. While baby siting I have gained a lot of experience with infants, toddlers and children with Autism as well. My ultimate goal as a babysitter is to provide quality care child care experience, educate, teach values and be able to help improve cognitive, social and physical development while still having fun with the children. I look forward to meeting and building long-lasting relationships with all the new families!

She’s cared for children as young as: 1 day old

Future plans: I plan on becoming a Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist. I want to be able to help children who struggle with different things in their life whether it be ADHD, ADD, Autism and more. 

When she’s not babysitting: When I'm not here at school I try to spend as much time with my family and friends as much as I can. Besides that, I love writing poetry, listening to music and baking. 

Defining quotation: "God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers, so even though things may be rough at the moment know that something beautiful will come out of it at the end when it’s all said and done. Keep going." - Unknown