Ms. Jaclyn

Birthday- December 8th

Hometown- Queens,  NY

Favorite Crayola Color- Cerulean

Background- Hi! I've been providing child care for over 15 years and loving it. Children bring me great joy and drive my passion and faith in our future generations. I am a Property Manager, a Sunday school teacher and the Children’s Ministry Director for a local Tallahassee church. Spending time with your children is the best part of my day & it's an honor, a privilege, and a blessing every time that I am given the opportunity. 

I have experience with children of all ages and children with food allergies, mental and physical disabilities and autism.

Future Plans- To pursue full time ministry and found and organization for Bible Study, Fellowship,  and Praise & Worship through all aspects of Performance Art. 

When she's not babysitting- I spend my free time with my family at home or at church,  cooking, cleaning,  studying, reading,  working my network marketing business for fundraisers, and finding interesting things to watch on Netflix.  

Defining Quotation- "Rejoice Always" 1Thes. (5:16)