Ms. Jackie

Birthday: September 30th

Hometown: Miami, FL

Other languages: Spanish

Favorite Crayola color: Midnight Blue

Background: I am currently a student at Florida State University and although it took me a while to choose a major, I have chosen to double major in Economics and Finance with a minor in Spanish. I have been babysitting and tutoring since sophomore year of high school, and continue to work with children as a camp counselor and swim instructor during the summers. I also enjoy spending time with my two year old nephew. I hope to have children of my own some day!

She’s cared for children as young as: 3 months old

Future plans: I plan to graduate college in May or December of 2020 and begin working to then go to school for an MBA. My dream job is almost anything that will allow me to travel. 

When she’s not babysitting: Although I love watching movies, it’s difficult for me to finish them in one sitting because it’s hard for me to sit still. I enjoy running and do all kinds of exercise 

Defining quote: “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may looks back and realize they were the big things.” - Robert Brault

Jackie and Kayla have done a fabulous job with [my son] this week! He has a compromised immune system where he is high risk for getting sick and being hospitalized. Everyone has taken great care to take off their shoes in our house and work hard to get him to eat even though his appetite isn’t big. I’m so thankful for your business. My mom usually watches him when I’m at work but Seminole Sitters is my back up.
— Amanda J.