Ms. Emily C.

Birthday: April 30

Hometown: Fernandina Beach, FL

Favorite Crayola color: Sky Blue

Background: I’ve been babysitting since the age of 14! I am a senior nursing student at Florida State University, where I gained experience in a classroom setting with children two years old through high school aged and also in emergency settings in the hospital. I was the regular babysitter for three families with multiple children for four years and have experience as a Nursery Assistant for a group of two/three year olds. I have experience with cloth diapers and have cared for children of all ages, from six weeks to fourteen years old. I have volunteered at after-school programs, so I am more than happy to help with homework, and have experience as a middle school girls small group leader.

I have experience with special needs, including children with autism and physical disabilities and food allergies.

Future Plans: After graduating, I will work as an Emergency Registered Nurse in Tallahassee, and plan to pursue a doctorate to be an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.

When she’s not babysitting: I love to read, write, kayak, and explore Tallahassee.  

Defining Quotation: “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.” – J.K. Rowling