Ms. Ellen (Jacksonville)

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Favorite Crayola color: Sunset Orange

Background: I've been working with children for almost half of my life. In elementary school I worked with special needs children in a club called Play Pals, and during middle and high school I began babysitting for family, friends, and neighbors. I've worked with children of all ages, from newborns to teens. I'm currently a student at Florida State University studying Psychology. I train in Taekwondo at Martial Arts Fitness Academy here in Tallahassee and have achieved the rank of second-degree black belt, and will begin teaching classes there soon. I love showing kids fun ways to be active and I have a passion for being outdoors!

I have experience caring for children with special needs, including those with autism, dietary restrictions, and who are nonverbal.

Future plans: After graduating from FSU I plan on moving to a big city up north. I would love to live in Chicago or go back home to Cincinnati.  I am hoping to become a Behavior Analyst for the FBI.  I'm also looking forward to starting a family of my own some day!

When she's not babysitting: When I am not babysitting, I love to explore my city. I take roads I haven't taken before and find cute shops or antique stores. When I explore, I always bring my Nikon D3100 camera along for the ride just in case there's a good photo opportunity. I also love going to the gym or taking Taekwondo classes. I'm a huge beach bum, so I take any opportunity to catch some rays! 

Defining quote: "All the world is a birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much." - George Harrison

Ms. Ellen was incredible! :)
— Christy L.