Ms. Danielle

Birthday: January 15

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Other Languages: Intermediate Spanish and ASL

Favorite Crayola Color: Sky Blue

Background: I have experience caring for my younger family as well as elderly. I previously working as a Daycare attended at the YMCA where I experienced working with children with varied personality, physical and mental needs throughout ages. I am extremely confident with infants, toddlers and groups of children. I currently hold an adult/infant CPR certificate and work part time as a CNA.

Future Goals: Happiness!! I plan to attend Dental school to become a pediatric dentist or oral surgeon in the Air Force and explore/ travel the world🌍. Later, I dream to become “a soccer mom” with a large family of 3-4 children of my own!

When she’s not babysitting: I am transitioning Vegan and admire Health, so I am probably in the kitchen creating a healthy alternative or working out for fun. I am also a neat freak and actually love cleaning lol. I am often reading a vocabulary builder book, studying a science or Spanish. I’m very energetic with an “old soul”. I love laughing and joking around with my friends and try to embrace every moment with self-improvement, positivity and happiness.

Defining quotation: “You only live once” YOLO ~Unknown