Ms. Andrea

Birthday: March

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL

Favorite Crayola Color: Indigo

Background: I started babysitting my neighbor's children during summers when I was in high school. I also completed my community service hours as a "Teen Trendsetter" mentor at Kate Sullivan my senior year of high school and found a love for teaching and helping children. I found Seminole Sitters my freshman year in college and I've been able to grow my experience in childcare with them. I've always enjoyed working in classroom settings and daycares so quickly earned my DCF credentials so I could become a lead Spanish teacher for grades K-3 at a local afterschool program. I love observing how children learn and perceive the world.

She’s cared for children as young as: 4 months old

Future Plans:  I graduated from Florida State this year and I'm working towards my dream of moving to NYC. My goals are to write children's films and novels.

When I'm not babysitting: I'm usually volunteering around the community. I love helping local non-profits that contribute to the environment and education. When I'm not volunteering, I'm reading a book! 

Defining Quotes: “A dream is a wish your heart makes" -Cinderella