Ms. Alisia

Birthday: September 15

Hometown: Sunrise, FL

Favorite Crayola color: Robin's Egg Blue

Background: I am currently a student at the Florida State University studying Geology. I have a natural pull towards the nurturing of children, and I always have, even since I was a kid myself! I started watching children in my neighborhood when I was 13, and eventually grew to be a pretty well-known sitter around town. I have babysat for children from newborn to 12 years old. I worked for an indoor children’s play facility and managed large groups of children on my own. I have spent two summers nannying a newborn who is now one year old, and I continue to care for him on my school breaks and holidays. It was so magical and nothing short of amazing watching him grow and transform as I knew I had a hand in this process! As a babysitter, I go beyond the care of children, and aim to engage them while providing a safe, age-appropriate environment.

I have experiencing caring for children with special needs including ADD/ADHD and those on the autism spectrum.

Future plans: I would like to join the Peace Corps Masters International Program after earning my B.S. in Geology/Environmental Science and combine earning my Masters with serving our global community.

When she's not babysitting: I mostly study and take part in school clubs like Habitat for Humantity and the FSU Geological Society. Besides that, I like to explore different areas of Tallahassee -- I love stumbling upon an art gallery or sleepy coffee shop I've never heard of before!

Defining quotation: “No vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end” - this quotation is from a famous Geologist, James Hutton. Though he was referencing the seemingly endless expanse of Earth’s history, I use it as a humbling reminder of the fact that there was much before us, and much to come, so we should make everything of the impact we are able to have now!

We really enjoy working with Ms. Alisia...she is a delight!
— Shevaun H.