Ms. Aline

Birthday: January 10


Other language: fluent Haitian Creole

Favorite Crayola color: 

Background: Since I was a preteen, I have been able to learn how to care for a child. My first encounters with caring for a child has been with newborns such as learning their schedule in how they function, changing diapers, learning how to feed and care for them etc. As I began to grow up, I find myself being surrounded by more children and learning to care for them as well and it is interesting to see the different personalities and capabilities that all children possess. I have had the great opportunity to work with children since 2012 and the experience has been very rewarding. I officially began working my sophomore year in high school as a tutor for second grade children for three years with the Guadalupe Program. I have been able to work as a 2nd grade summer camp counselor as well for two years, helping create lesson plans for the lead teacher in the classroom, being involved with the students academically, and guiding them to a higher level of reading and math. I have also had the opportunity to work as a Youth Development Professional at the Boys and Girls Club in Immokalee, FL and that was also a great experience in itself because I got the chance to work with children from all ages from K-12. Children love me because I am very involved with them and I am not afraid to involve myself and promote positive value into their lives. Parents trust me because I give them a reason to such as making sure to ask questions, making sure I don't divert from what a parent entrusts me to do with their child, and making sure to be actively engaged with their children and not passive.

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