Ms. Alexis H.

Birthday: April 28th

Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL

Favorite Crayola color: Bittersweet

Background: I am currently attending Florida State University pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Pre- Clinical Professions. I have been babysitting for families as well as working as a camp counselor at a summer camp for many years now!

I grew up with two younger biological brothers, but my family also served as a foster family. This unique family dynamic blessed me with the opportunity to become involved in the lives of children from all walks of life. I developed a deep passion and understanding for others and felt that it was my job to make my foster brothers and sisters feel comfortable and safe in our home. With that being said, I consider myself to be very accepting and able to connect and relate to all children. 

I have worked with children who have had ADHD, autism, food allergies, and behavioral issues. 

She’s cared for children as young as: newborn

Future plans: I have always wanted to open up my own practice in pediatric dentistry. After I receive my undergraduate degree I will be heading off to 4+ more years in dental school.  I believe my ability to connect with children and my dedication to succeeding in school will allow me to provide the best care and comfort to my future patients! 

When she’s not babysitting: I admit it, I spend a little too much time studying, volunteering, and shadowing local dentist offices. However, when I have free time from school I enjoy spending it at my lake house with my family on the boat. Other hobbies of mine include surfing, air boating through the swamps, traveling, spending time with friends, and simply being out in the sun!

Defining quotation: “Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don’t give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people” - Tena Desae

Alexis was great! Good communicator and excellent with my kiddo (and my need to dash out the door). Thanks again.
— Jill H.